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Welcome to GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd

GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd is an online and off-line outdoor innovations products’ retailer/ distributor/wholesaler since 2007.  In 2018, we are currently providing quality control professional with solutions to collect immediate environmental data.

GMM Technoworld specializing in portable environmental measuring instruments. We have scientific meters to measure wind speed, air and water quality, temperature and humility, air ion count, electromagnetic radiation, light and sound level, UV and Gamma radiation, etc.  We are also into the digital microscope, paranormal investigation devices, digital weighing scales and more. These measuring instruments are directly from manufacturers in South Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China.

GMM Technoworld also directly import new innovative gizmos from South Korea and China to distribute in local retailing mall and water resort world in Singapore.  We are the sole distributor of “DiCAPac” Action waterproof case for your camera and mobile phones, “Ballop” Aqua Skin Shoes for water sports, “Cool Story” Arm Sleeves, “Jabees” Bluetooth Sports Headphones, GMM Scuba Diving Torch, etc.

For more details, please visit our online stores: www.testmeter.sg and www.waterproofgadget.biz for direct purchase.

GMM Technoworld – About Us

GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd

Who We Are

GMM Technoworld is in business since 2007, our mission is to provide the best values products with high quality and style. We are located in a small island country in the center of South East Asia called SINGAPORE.


What We Do

Main goal is to retail, import and export of New Innovative Gizmos, New Ideas, New Inventions and most important, New Affordable Solutions for Everyone.

GMM Technoworld is the Sole Agent of Cornet Electrosmog RF Power Strength Meter, Tenmars RF Meter, Ghost Meter, K2 EMF meter, etc.

How Can We Help

So far, we have customers/buyers from over 105 countries/regions.  Let us know what your wanted to test or detect.  We will introduce a right EMF detector for your usage.  Some EMF meters such as Cornet and Tenmars come with one year manufacturer warranty.



Become the International Well Know Provider to provide Similar or Better Alternative, Original Merchandises & Service to meet Customers’ Needs, Requirements and Solutions.


  • All merchandises are directly import from Quality Manufacturers
  • Believe that all people are Good & Trustable
  • Conduct Education and Know how to customers
  • Develop a Market Place with Surprise, Fun & Innovative
  • Ensure customers receive Merchandise with Quality & Guarantee
  • Forever treat our customers as Friends of the company
  • Go all the way to Serve our customers with Pride
  • Help customers to look for way to Resolve their Needs

GMM Technoworld – Contact Us

(UEN-Local Co/GST No. 201103748R)
8 Burn Road #05-01 Trivex,
Singapore 369977

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 1 pm to 5 pm (by appointment only)
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Approx. 5 minutes from Tai Seng MRT station (Circle Line, CC11)

Please call or email us for appointment in advance if your wanted to visit our showroom to view the products.

Interested to distribute, resell or retail DiCAPac waterproof caseBallop Skin Shoes, measuring meter or tester products, LED diving torch, digital microscope, air ion counter, air purifier, digital weighing scale  in Singapore.

Please call, email or visit our office to discuss in details.

Call: +65 63861815
Fax: +65 63856984
email: sales@gmm.com.sg

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Warranty & Customer Support

All products purchased from GMM Technoworld showroom and our authorised dealers come with minimum SIX Months up to ONE Year Limited Warranty under manufacturer’s production fault.

Before returning any faulty product under RMA claim, please contact:

8 Burn Road, #05-01 Trivex
Singapore 369977

Email: sales@gmm.com.sg | Tel: +65-6386 1815 | Fax: +65-6385 6984

Warranty Claim Required:
Proof of purchase from our Authorised Dealer (Invoice / Receipt)

IMPORTANT: All purchase of DiCAPac waterproof case directly from South Korea retailers or other countries DiCAPac distributors. We are unable to provide same one year warranty, service and support from Singapore GMM Technoworld Office.

For registration of DiCAPac waterproof case, please visit http://www.dicapac.com.sg/product-warranty-registration-form/

Certificate of Limited Warranty – Terms and Conditions

  1. The limited warranty period is six months or one (1) year from the date of purchase depends on the product type.
  2. The limited warranty is void without the retailer’s company stamp.
  3. The purchaser (or representative) must produce the certificate of limited warranty Card and Proof of Purchase Invoice/Receipt from DiCAPac Singapore Authorised Dealers when service is required.
  4. This limited warranty does not cover:
    1. Parts requiring replacement due to normal use, fair wear and tear, nautural disaster, rust stains and corrosions.
    2. Parts that are burnt due to any circumstances, whether under normal usage or not.
    3. Usage other than in accordance with instructions.
    4. Any damages/expeneses of any other equipments/devices/property related to the usage of the products.
  5. If the products has reached end-fo-life (EOL).  It will be sent for repair or replaced with same/equivalent product at GMM Technoworld’s discretion.
  6. GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend or modifiy the terms and conditions of this warranty without giving prior notice.

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Online Stores – GMM Technoworld

Online Stores – GMM Technoworld