Air Ion Counter & Air Purifier


The AlphaLab Inc. Air Ion Counter is a handheld meter designed to measure ion density– the number of ions per cubic centimeter (ions/cc) in a

ir. It measures this number separately for positive and negative ions (+ and – ions are usually present simultaneously).

This instrument is a true ion density meter, based on a “Gerdien Tube” design, and it contains a fan which pulls air through the meter at a calibrated rate. The standard model measures up to 2 million ions/cc (for comparison, outdoor air typically has 100 to 1000 ions/cc, both + and -). The 2 million range is sufficient for almost all situations except for measuring very close to electric ionizers or strong radioactive sources. For these applications, models with ranges of 20 million and 200 million ions/cc are also available.

This Air Ion Tester is designed for test high level concentration of negative or positive air ion. It is effective to test the electric charge on the surface of textile by strict. With it you can estimate whether the sir ion generator or air purifier is working in good state. The reading of ths tester is correlative to the air ion concentration, but not exactly the number of it. In factor, this testercan only provide you a rough measurement to the air ion source. Please don’t take it as an precision instrument.


The model KT-401 Air Ion Tester measures both +ve and -ve air ions.


The model KT-401P Air Ion Tester measure only -vew air ions with peak hold function.

GMM Technoworld mini USB, Car, Portable air purifiers, when it works, a high-concentration of negative ions will be generated and released into the air. As you know, negative ions has health care effect on human body. Also it can effectively absorb smoke and dust in the air, then sink to the ground to make the air fresh.



USB Air Purifier or Negative Ionizer Model EP-201 and EP-204


Car Air Purifier or Negative Ionizer

Portable Neck Air Purifier or Negative Ioniser