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Anyview Professional Microscope is an creative device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld digital microscope with USB interface. It broke the conception of traditional microscope, it realized these functions: measurement, save, copy, transfer image and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope. It is a small, easy to operate and portable fun. It come with 10x to 200x magnification and 450x to 600x magnification Anyview digital microscope.

AnyviewCap software perform REAL TIME mesaurement without the need of snap shot the image.

MiView USB Microscope is an exciting new device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld Near Infrared(NIR) 940nm LED or UV LED Light digital microscope with USB interface.


MS-35-Microscope  MS-36-Microscope

Anyview and Miview digital microscope stands model MS-135 and MS-136.

The iScope-MV500 portable microscope is an exciting new product which has a 5 megapixel sensor and detachable interchangeable Auxiliary Focus Caps. It is a true portable microscope. Allowing you to observe micro-object and record every detail providing you an experience you never had with a digital portable microscope. It can magnify up to 200x magnification with a resolution of up to 2560×1920. With such magnification and resolution, you will not miss important details.

The iScope-MV500 includes convenient shutter key and adjustable interchangeable brightness 4 x white LED and 4 x Infared LED as illumination, and then you can take image, record video and adjust LED brightness.